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The location would be in the Herne Bay or Canterbury area. They wear puttees and spurs.

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The photographer was Fred C. Palmer died in Points of interest The regiment has not yet been identified.

Going East performed by The Touched at Parkerville Herne Bay Kent

The soldier on the left has his right leg in a splint or caliper. The man on the right is sitting awkwardly, possibly indicating a wound in his back. Border The remaining border of this image is important for researchers of this photographer.

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Some photographers trimmed dating herne bay images more than others, and Palmer has a reputation for producing smaller postcards than other early 20th century UK photographers. He took his own photos, developed them in-house onto postcard-backed photographic paper and trimmed them himself.

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It is worth adding that during hand-developing the border is actively masked with equipment which both crops the picture and causes the white frame or border to appear on the paper.

This frame is part of the design and is one of the reasons why the quality of Palmer's work is so interesting, and why there is an article and category for him on English Wiki.

Researchers need to see exactly where the edge of the postcard is.

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