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The miking is achieved in 3 steps with the Torpedo C.

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With each step, Two notes Audio Engineering implements its know-how to offer the most advanced simulations on the market and ensure dating marshall cabs realism both for the musician playing sensations and the listener sound quality. You can load up to 32 Two notes cabinets in the Torpedo C.

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There are currently more than Two notes cabinets available in La Boutique and the Two notes Store that you can try in real time and purchase with Torpedo Remote requires a working Internet connection. Many musicians get their sound from a specific use of that element and this possibility is present in the Torpedo C. You can push this tube-stage like a conventional amplifier and look for this subtle and particular distortion.

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The Torpedo C. The tube-amp simulation feature, developed for guitarists and bassists, is also very interesting to warm up the sound of a synthesizer, organ or digital piano. In the Torpedo C. When recording a guitar or a bass, the room sound is really important, especially with distant miking. With the Torpedo C.

BluBOX Impulse Response Speaker Emulator

The convolution technique uses IRs to simulate the behavior of particular systems, such as reverbs, speakers, EQ Dating marshall cabs is the most accurate way to simulate sound signatures that are linear i.

It is particularly well suited for speaker miking simulation.

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Two notes has developed a unique technology based on an adaptation of convolution tech- niques. In order to take full advantage of these digital algorithms, the highest-quality audio design assures a perfect analog-to-digital conversion and a huge dynamic range to retain the ultimate playing experience.

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Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C. You can upload up to third-party IRs in the Torpedo C. Connecting the Torpedo C.

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The following illustrations show the most common situations the Torpedo C. B with pedals, preamplifier or amplifier Plug your Torpedo C.

If you have a guitar or bass amplifier, you have two options to make it work with the Torpedo C. Avoid any speaker simulation before the Torpedo C.

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And depending on the dating marshall cabs impedance and output level of the Torpedo C. When using the Torpedo C. Playing in silence is a great feature, but at some point you have to listen to what you play! Here are a few options to use at home, in the studio or on stage: 1.

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Listening through the headphones out, 2. Having a local monitoring system on stage, by duplicating the Line OUT with a mixer, 3. Having in-ear monitors or wedge speakers controlled by a sound engineer. When using a tube amplifier, always make sure that a proper load cabinet or loadbox is connected to the speaker Output.

At the beginning of my FractalAudio and Kemper era, I always wanted to choose the right amp and set it accordingly.

This is what is usually done in the studio, es- pecially when using stereo effects. Moreover, if you set up the Power Amp simulation to a high volume, some distor- tion will appear. It is totally different to send reverb or delay into a distortion stage like you would do in the effect loop verhalten beim kennenlernen der schwiegereltern an amplifier and to send a distorted sound into a reverb or a delay like you will do by following this advice.

Try both and pick the one that fits you. Most of the time it is not possible to switch off their Power amp simulation section a whole amplifier is simulated at a timewe recommend in the case to switch off the Power Amp simulation on the Torpedo C.

Multi Manual Torpedo Cab

Create, save and load presets, load new cabinets or Impulse Response IR files. Download the Torpedo Remote for free on the Two notes website.

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Do not hesitate to come and share your experience on the Two notes Audio Engineering Forum or social networks. Please go to the Two notes Audio Engineering website and click on the "Community" section. Two notes is also on the social networks Facebook, Soundcloud and Youtube so do not wait and come share your creative work!


A and B programmable footswitches. When pushing a button or turning an encoder, you will see a parameter moving on the two-line display item 3 in figure 2.

The best signal sent to the Torpedo C. The Input gain adjustment must be done in presence of an Input signal.