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For this product you will receive It's a wonderful exercise tool that lets students learn graceful and acrobatic movements. At the same time a holistic and complex body training is completed playfully, which is also a great supplement to the Pole Dance.

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In addition to pole dancing, the Aerial Hoop is now also becoming a trend sport that is assigned to Aerial Fitness. It has its origin in circus acrobatics.

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It is a from the ceiling hanging metal hoop on which many different figures can be performed and even choreographies can be danced. Like Pole Dance, it is also an ideal total body workout.

DE 23 A1 beschreibt einen Halter für eine Angelrute mit einem die Angelrute aufnehmenden Träger, der über ein Gelenk mit einer Verankerung verbunden und an der Verankerung in verschiedenen Neigungsstellungen arretierbar ist. Bei den beschriebenen Angelhalterungen wird die Angelrute z. Führungselemente des Angelrutenhalters z. Durch die Erfindung wird ein robuster, unkompliziert aufgebauter und variabel verwendbarer Angelrutenhalter geschaffen, mittels dessen eine zuverlässige Halterung einer Angelrute ermöglicht ist und die Gefahr der Beschädigung der Angelrute vermindert ist. Durch die Erfindung wird ein Angelrutenhalter zum Halten bzw.

All Hammock single ring suspension at a glance: Increased tube diameter of 34mm - Especially suitable for beginners Less painful due to higher tube diameter Available in diameters of,mm The specified diameters refer to the inner diameter Colour: Black - The illustration shows a tape wrapped item Available with single- and double-point suspension Wonderful addition to Pole Dance Training Allows a playful and beautiful to watch whole body workout Also available in standard diameter of 26mm: Aerial Hoop "PRO" How do you find the right ring diameter for your Aerial Hoop?

Sit on a chair Then measure the length from the seat to the head sitting upright Add 10 cm The recommended ring diameter results from this measure Which suspension: 1-Point or 2-Point?

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The increased degree of freedom allows more figures. As a result, figures are possible, which are performed on top of the Arial Ring Write your first review and help others with their purchase decision: Other customers have also bought the following items.

Hammock Suspension - Stainless-Steel Hook Setup