Single party dresden

Sie sind Single, neu in einer Stadt oder einfach auf der Suche nach einem unterhaltsamen Abend?

Pharmacy and doctors general practitioner, dentist, gynaecologist, … Several banks and postal services Food, drinks and party Italian restaurant, Asian takeaway, Kebab house, karaoke, cocktails, ice cream parlour, Art house cinema Sports and relaxation yoga studio, outdoor pool approx. The common room with open kitchen, vending machines for drinks and coffee, large TV screen, ample seating and ground-level patio is the meeting point in the house and invites you to linger and relax, to cook and dine, to study and to community events.

4 Years Single Party!

The in-house gym is not only convenient, but also included in the rent. Terrace Unwind your soul over the roofs of Dresden.

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On the top floor a large terrace offers a lot of space for sunbathing and relaxation. Parking space for bicycle and car — with EV charging station Approx.

single party dresden

There are five parking spaces two of them for disabled persons and four open garage spaces — which can be rented separately — as well as an EV charging station. Launderette The launderette on the ground floor allows an easy and cheap usage of the washing machines and dryers. Flat irons and ironing boards are also provided.

single party dresden

Turn on the washer in the morning before uni starts — no problem, our service is taking care of the change from washer into the dryer. Single party dresden Not good in walking or using a wheelchair?

single party dresden

No problem thanks to a central lift system, three apartments suitable for wheelchairs and disabled parking and shared lavatories. Starter kits It takes more for a home than just the furniture.

We offer a kitchen kit with the most important equipment for cooking and dining as well as a colour matched linen and towel set at a fair price.

single party dresden

In case of sickness You are ill and far away from your parents. Our house service looks after you in case of single party dresden and is running little errands from the supermarket or the pharmacy.

Wer sich neu verlieben möchte, der muss raus ins Leben. Doch wohin genau? Welcher Club ist angesagt, welche Party auch wirklich Single-geeignet?

ROOMY — briefly summarised.