Single pottenstein, Explore Pottenstein Castle cabin rentals

Original Trail single pottenstein is in the town of Pottenstein in parking lot across from Norma grocery store. Excellent views of various cliffs and rock formations and small meadows along the river Puttlach.

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About 2. Here in a small parking lot, the trail turns sharp right through some tight rock formations and heads on to some mixed up and downhill double and single track for a distance leading to a deer stand where the trail sign leads you down a long and steep downhill single track rough with roots and slippery when wet. At the bottom of the hill follow the fire road to the right.

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For variety, I took the trial with a red dot to the left to the top to the ridge. The actual MTB trail continues a bit past this detour but leads you to the same place, open fields on top of a single pottenstein line with some good views. Follow the ridge in open country to a point where the dirt road splits right to a grass trail look for the park benchs and follow this fun section to the top of a hilltop view point tall red and white pole here and a grand single pottenstein of Pottenstein and the castle.

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A secret view point is the mountain hut to the North about 50 meters before the grand view point with the red and white poleif you find it be real careful - bekanntschaften heidenheim cliffs abound! From here travers back down to the road, past the castle and back into Pottenstein. FUN ride with some hard and long climbs inter mixed.