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single weekend leerdam

Two days of steaming heavy metal, a good weather forecast, meeting up with many friends, our guest house single weekend leerdam booked, a tank full of petrol and a bill that looks as splendid as ever! Nothing can go wrong anymore. We are getting ready for the sixteenth edition of Keep It True. My personal view on these two amazing days are reflected in the following article.

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The day of our long trip towards Lauda-Konigshofen starts off quite relaxed. The roads are not busy and after having a cup of coffee to get the engine started, I am ready for the journey towards the best metal festival in the world. Let me rephrase that.

Oder singles iphofen Kennen lernen und schritte bei den berliner: Finde einzigartige Unterkünfte bei lokalen Gastgebern in Ländern. Single weekend leerdam : Single mit 2 kindern urlaub Mich kennenlernen willst partnersuche bitburg, partnervermittlung krakau single urlaub ostseeküste.

That must be THE best metal festival in the whole freaking galaxy!! I have been looking forward to it for a whole year and this year is no exception to the rule.

What they offer

The bill looks quite awesome once again. You must be at Keep It True for that magic feeling of the truest heavy metal fest in the galaxy.

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They said about Dynamo Open Air in Holland, that you must have been there to believe it. Those days were certainly magic as well, but in the new millennium this is the real deal, as far as I'm concerned.

Single treffen wuppertal

When we arrive in Lauda-Konigshofen, we first check in at our guest house, which is only three blocks away from the festival hall. What a coincidence! In the evening we will be joined by Gerrie Lemmens, another good friend of ours from the very South of Holland. The five of us have a very nice dinner and we share all the metal memories and news, that we can think of.

Who is looking forward to see which band this weekend and who we would like to see here next year. That kind of topics, you know After dinner we say goodbye to Gerrie who stays at a hotel nearby and the four of us decide to take a walk to the festival hall and check out the festival poster for the edition of Keep It True.

Food and dining

Hell yeah!! After that, the music will do the rest.

single weekend leerdam

While other people come to see every band on the bill and some of them do a good mix of both. People might even get a wrong first impression, when judging them on their band logo.

single weekend leerdam

The cross in their name, which is turned upside down, will probably refer you to a black metal band of some kind. Nothing of that all is true, when you hear these old school metallers from Detroit area. Biggest eye-catcher of the band is frontman J. Priest, who looks like a very young version of Lemmy. The reaction of the audience is very warm, which gives the band the power to add just another notch to the excitement of their performance.

Letzte Kommentare

Singer J. Priest will show his face a lot during these two days and he wants to be friends with all the metal heads and check out all the other bands, that will make their single weekend leerdam this weekend.

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It could have very well been written in the eighties. They may not knock you off your socks maybe, männer ansprechen tipps they have their heart on the right place and they sure played a cool gig today.

single weekend leerdam

AIR RAID from Sweden are next on the bill and one thing that strikes me immediately is the immense power and enthusiasm, that they start their show with.

You can only make one first impression, they must have thought. A single weekend leerdam moment and we can definitely put this band in the list of highlights so far, but the night is still young.

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Their debut album already belonged to one of the best albums ofwhich was in fact a compilation of songs they had written so far. And they lived up to my high expectations quite easily.

There is a certain mystery going on about this band.

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The band, no matter who is in it, looks very energetic. They seem to have a very good time as well on stage. The band members are all dressed in white pants.

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They definitely want to express, that they form a union and everybody is equal in the band.